About The Myth of Time

Numaj Ruq’iij Q’aq Bajlam ( 2004-2008 )
(The Myth of Time/ El Mito del Tiempo)
Feature Length Film 99:00 min
Written & Directed By Jaguar X
Produced & Edited By Scorpion H of Le Rwa Entertainment LLC

The unwritten chapter of the Popol Vuh (Maya Book of Advice);
told through the journey into manhood of The Dark Eyed One in a world after the holocaust.
Now Arrives the Time of the Black Jaguar.

“The Film blew me away. Great! Different! Innovative! Gotta see… Honestly! 
Melvin Van Peebles – Director, Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song

“I’m speechless!”
Nina Hagen – Singer, Innovator German Punk/ New Wave

“A Herculean effort in cinema,
reminiscent of Fellini and Bresson.”
Darrell Wilson – Professor, Experimental Film NYU
Caleidismo(Kaleidism) Original technique of the cinema that combines spoken and written poetry with audio-visual symbolism, breaking the barriers of language and culture.

  • Screening Room Tribeca Grand Hotel, New York.
  • Maurice Kanbar School of Film & Television, New York University.
  • Private screening for Melvin Van Peebles.

2 Responses to “About The Myth of Time”

  1. If you want to send me a copy I’d like to review it for Blogcritics.org.


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