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Photographed over the last 5 years exclusively in Guatemala, and drawing cast and crew from 3 continents, Numaj Ruq’iij Q’aq Bajlam tells the unwritten chapter of the Popol Vuh (book of creation of the Ancient Maya). A filmic epic of revelations, parlayed in a latin-surrealist fashion, the film is a prophesy of revolution world over. The title derives from the modern Maya Tz’utujil language and translates to “Now Begins the Time of the Black Jaguar.”

The principle cast consists of top theatrical talent from Guatemala and El Salvador, while branching to New York and London for further roles. Long-term theatre veterans Elizabeth Muñoz, Josue Sotomayor, Yolanda Coronado, Scorpion Hernández and the highly reputed Julio Diaz Escamilla (winner of Los Juegos Florales Hispano-Americanos 2005) all contributed with significant parts.

Central-American newcomers are Alicia Chong and Enrique Valencia, each holding best actor/actress awards in part of Teatro Estudio San Salvador in El Salvador. Also appearing is and Erica Sicay Toc of Guatemala. Independent film and theatre actors Daniel Posada, Rob Morgan & Sharon Avendaño represent New York, while David Sterne, long time regular of Birmingham Rep, and Frank Scantori make the UK connection.

Dialogue is acted out in Spanish, English, and Tz’utujil.

The majority of Numaj Ruq’iij Q’aq Bajlam was shot in Sololá Guatemala, with the help of the Maya Tz’utujil population. The producers estimate over 5000 Guatemalans were involved in production from beginning to end.

Caleidismo: (Kaleidism) Original technique of the cinema that combines spoken and written poetry with audio-visual symbolism, breaking the barriers of language and culture.

The film innovates in using fine artists instead of craftsmen to evince the paintings, sculpture, production design, and make-up used throughout the work. Responsible for the numerous creations are Jorge de Leon and Manuel Chavajay. De Leon holds various Central-American awards for visual arts including winner and finalist of Subasta de Arte Juannio 2006, 2007, and La Bienal de Arte Paiz 2004. Chavajay is a nationally recognized photorealistic painter known for his obituary portraits of Guatemalan children, and is a co-founder of the Maya Cultural Museum of San Pedro.

Cinematographers Steven Huber (Madness & Genius) of New York, and Cesar Guiterrez Miranda of Mexico, DF. collaborated to create the look for the Latin-American myth; one described as a mix of war documentary and expressionist painting achieved in a blend of 16mm and 35mm stocks. Huber is a Director/DP of music videos working for Island Records, and has been featured in American Cinematographer for innovation in one source lighting. Gutierrez Miranda received The Kodak Award for Best Student Cinematography in Latin America at Cannes in 2006.

Original music composed by Luis Juárez Quixtán and Ludwin Juárez Quixtán. Two brothers from barrio La Reformita in Guatemala City. Luis is a classical guitarist who has traveled to Paris on grants for study and performance. Ludwin, a composer, drummer, and bass guitarist has fronted local bands innovating the genre of Trip Hop by combining native Guatemalan instruments and ambient sounds with progressive rock and hip hop rhythms.

The project’s mission is to build houses for those in Solola who still remain homeless after the devastation of Hurricane Stan in October 2005, and are plagued by flooding which kills thousands yearly. Flooding is due chiefly to insufficient government funding for the construction and maintenance of disaster-prevention canals in the area’s highlands.

Numaj Ruq’iij Q’aq Bajlam was written and directed by Jaguar X, a poet with past festival credits and literary works under other aliases. The film was produced by Scorpion H of Le Rwa Entertainment LLC.

Additional production by Gabriel Adderley of Siete20 Entretenimiento.

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